Annabelle Davis

Educational Assistant, Randall Children’s Hospital Acute Care Unit

Education: I completed my formal education in my home country–Guatemala, where I had the fortune of attending private schools all the way up to college. I have a love for art which inspired me to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Art & Science with an emphasis in Interior Design. I then had the fortune of assisting in a Art History class and later taught a class at the same university where I got my I.D. Degree. When I came to the States with the goal of improving my English, I enrolled myself in an ESL program in Oakland, California and received a diploma for foreign students which is equal to a H.S. diploma.
Teaching Experience: Taking the advice of one of my teachers, I tutored students that wanted to learn Spanish while I continued to practice my English. When I moved to Portland, I worked as an interpreter for the Unemployment Office. I have been working for the Hospital School Program since 2001, six of them with the Rehabilitation Unit.
Hobbies: Walking, biking, flower arranging, cooking, hiking and traveling.
Favorite Book: The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.

Contact: ph. 503.276.9787, f. 503.276.9789;; Rm. 7804