Randall Children’s Hospital

The Hospital School Program (HSP) at Randall Children’s Hospital serves a diverse population of students. It is home to the Acute Care classroom, and the Pediatric Development & Rehabilitation program.

Randall Acute

We are a public school program that supports students, K-12, during their hospitalization and ongoing treatment plans.  All students should have access to learning opportunities and a social learning environment when they are hospitalized.  School in the hospital helps students reconnect to their routine and their school which in turn contributes to their healing process.  Our … Continue reading Randall Acute

Randall Rehab & Development

The school program at Randall Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Development and Rehabilitation Department is part of a larger interdisciplinary team that serves children who require intensive, inpatient rehabilitation.  The rehab team consists of Physicians, Physical therapists, Occupational Therapists, Art Therapists, a Neuropsychologist, a Child Life Therapist, a Social Worker and a Nurse Case Manager.  Some common … Continue reading Randall Rehab & Development