Doernbecher Acute

The Hospital School Program on the 9th floor of Doernbecher Children’s Hospital is staffed by certified teachers and assistants who provide small group and individualized instruction. Children who are unable to go to the classroom are eligible for bedside instruction. Hospital staff are flexible in their approach to learning and can provide many motivational, educationally related activities.

Patients will find educational activities, art projects, thinking games, computers with a wide variety of educational software, and internet access in the classroom, as well as the opportunity to interact with other students who are hospitalized. If a student brings homework, necessary assistance will be provided. The hospital teacher can contact the child’s teacher at home for assignments if needed.

The classroom is located in Room #9659 on the south end of the 9th floor. Students come by wheelchair, on foot, or even in their beds. Patients often look forward to school which can be a familiar and comforting break from medical procedures. Some families have reported that school in the hospital represents hope and healing for their children.

9th Floor Staff 2016-17

Jane Albertson

  Hospital Teacher, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Acute Care Unit Education: BA Mathematics at Willamette University, Masters of Education from PSU                                                 Teaching Experience:  I completed my student teaching in both 5th grade and 2nd grade, math tutoring, Education Assistant (EA) in a 5th grade class Hobbies: Running, hiking, … Continue reading Jane Albertson

Linda Criswell

Transition Specialist, Hospital School Program Education:  BA Elementary Ed. & German, University of Northern Colorado; MA, Special Education–Learning Disabilities & Behavior Disorders, University of Northern Colorado Teaching Experience:  I have taught in a variety of regular and special education settings.  My focus in special education has been working with students with learning and behavior disabilities.  … Continue reading Linda Criswell

Heidi Worden

Hospital Teacher, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Acute Care Unit Education: My teaching history dates back to 1998 at Simmons College in Boston where I earned my Masters in Arts and Teaching while educating 5th grade students. Teaching Experience: Upon my return to Portland in 1999, I taught 5th and 6th graders for 4 years in Lake Oswego followed by tutoring middle and … Continue reading Heidi Worden