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The Hospital School Program staff, located on the Hematology/Oncology Unit, provide educational services to school-age students who have cancer and blood-related diseases disorders. Students may receive services at bedside or in the classroom.  Most of our instruction is individualized, however, students have time to interact with each other and participate in small group activities.  Once per month we offer Songs, Stories, and Science where we share folk stories, sing songs and teach a science lesson. It could also mean participating in one of our partner programs like science outreach with OMSI or a music class with CCA’s MusicRx to bring a rich, engaging experience enjoyed by all.

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The priority for our students is to work with them on assignments from their local school. With parent permission, we will collaborate with teachers to coordinate schoolwork.   We try to create a curriculum or experience based on the student’s current interests, strengths and talents.  Our priority is to meet students where they are medically, emotionally and academically-encourage them to continue to grow.  Students can receive credit in their local schools for work completed in our program. We often function as a resource as well, helping families and schools navigate this often unfamiliar territory. We can provide guidance on short-and long-term educational planning, including school re-entry.


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Staff    Margaret Eng, Anna Balmaseda,  Susan Anderson 

If your child will be spending time with us, please download a copy of this checklist to help facilitate a smooth transition of school services. Thank you! 



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