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Welcome to Multnomah Education Service District’s (MESD) Hospital School Program. Our program offers educational services to inpatient and outpatient students receiving medical care across four major hospital sites in the Portland Metro area. Our staff is comprised of certified special education teachers licensed in the State of Oregon and classified educational assistants.

Mission Statement

The hospital school program is committed to serve as a bridge between home, hospital, and school by providing students with medical needs a flexible, motivational, educational experience that empowers them to take control of their academic future despite the challenges that accompany their diagnoses and treatments.


Why is school so important during hospitalization?

  • Promotes a sense of purpose and belonging
  • Combats feelings of isolation during hospitalization
  • Develops and maintains academic skills
  • Creates opportunities to make real connections with peers
  • Helps children cope with their hospitalization through participation in familiar and normal routines like school
  • Offers a welcome distraction


What you can do to help

Parents: Encourage your child to attend the classroom when they are medically stable.  We have found this approach contributes to the healing process. Let the school know about appointments, admits, and any medical challenges that will impact schooling.

Nurses: Work with students and families to help them understand the importance of their continued schooling and connect them to the hospital school program.

Doctors: Require school as part of the daily routine of a school-age patient.

Teachers/Counselors: Work with families, medical staff, and hospital teachers to prioritize learning during hospitalizations or ongoing treatments.

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